When work takes you where the road ends – we’ve got the equipment to get you where you need to go

  • Our XTI Argos come with or w/o cabs and back seats. These units are heavier built than those offered by our competitors and come standard with catwalks, fire extinguisher, 1st aid kit, beacons, whips & back up alarms at no additional cost and are ready to go to work. Single and tandem axle trailers are also available.

  • Our side x sides come with tires or tracks, depending on your needs. These units also come standard with the extras needed on the job site. Beacons, whips, backup alarms and 1st aid kits are included at no additional cost.

  • Work doesn’t stop in the winter, and it sure doesn’t slow you down. When the terrain doesn’t allow for the travel of UTV’s or Argo’s, we’ve got the right sled for you. Pair it with a sleigh or toboggan if needed.