For When Your Needs Are Just A Little Unique

  • We have argos specifically designed with safety in mind for those remote areas with limited access. These units c/w full cab, stretcher, flashing lights, sirens and ample space for medics and their equipment.

  • If ever your work is on the other side of a body of water that you just don’t feel that the amphibious argos can take you to, then this is the unit for you! Ideal for back country access, this folding boat c/w a trailer to be towed into remote areas with an ATV or UTV. When in transport, your gear stays clean and secure when the boat is hinged shut. 

  • We are affiliated with Full Tilt Power Sports and their journeyman mechanics and apprentices can offer full repair service to your own equipment from small engine to automotive and everything in between. Occasionally, our customers are presented with very specific needs. We can work with you to customize equipment or accessories to fulfill those needs. We aim to exceed your expectations and provide you with viable solutions to make ever job easier. We also offer guided back country tours for those who might otherwise not have the opportunity to access remote areas to fully enjoy and experience all of what the back country has to offer.

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